1. Header settings

Setting Description
Background color There are five options: Main Background, Section background 1,2,3,4. Colors for these backgrounds can be set in the Theme Settings/Colors block.
Text color

Two options of colors for header: 

  • Main
  • Secondary 

*To change the color for these styles, go to theme settings – colors block, any changes will affect the whole theme. 

Logo position on large screens

Displays the logo in the header:

  • Middle left: Displays the logo inline with the main menu, centered vertically and aligned to the left
  • Middle center (default): Displays the logo in the center of the header
  • Top left: Displays the logo above the main menu, and aligns the logo and menu items to the left
  • Top center: Displays the logo above the main menu, and aligns the logo and menu items in the center

*Changes of logo position you can view on a large screen, such as a desktop.

Menu Select the menu to use for your main menu.
Header links font weight

Choose a font-weight of header links:

  • Bold
  • Medium
  • Normal
  • Light
Header links hover color

Choose a color of header links. Four options:

  • Link
  • Main
  • Secondary
  • Custom
Links custom hover color You can choose here color for links from the big color palette.
Counter: When the transparent header is disabled on the homepage, you can choose the color for the counter here. Also, these colors are available for header counter on other pages. The counter represents the number of products displayed near the cart icon in the header.
Counter background Select a color from the palette to set as the background color for the counter.
Counter color Select a color from the palette to set as color for the counter numbers.
Show dropdown icon Shows dropdown icon for header items that have a dropdown menu.
Show underline on hover When it is enabled, links underline on hover.
Show separator line

Show a line visually separating the header from the page's content.

Choose a style from these three options:

  • None: Without line
  • Show (Always)
  • Show only on sticky header
Separator color Select a color from the palette to customize the separator line between the header and page.
Show sticky header The header shows on the screen as customers scroll up. Disappears when the customer scrolls down.
Menu items with icon style

Three styles of menu items with icons:

  • Default: icons + labels (cart, login)
  • Hide icons: Shows only labels (search, cart, login)
  • Hide labels: Shows only icons (search, cart, login)
Show search on header Displays or hide search for a header.
Show submenu  Allows to open a dropdown menu on click or on hover, select the option.
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