Email Signup settings

Setting Description
Show email signup This enables the email signup form to be displayed. If it is not enabled, none of the other settings for the form will be displayed. The "Email Signup settings" allows you to include an email signup form where customers can subscribe to your newsletter and marketing.
Heading This is the title for the email signup form.
Description This is the secondary text for the email signup form. 
Input placeholder  This is a short hint in the text element of the form, which can help with data entry.
Button label This is the label for the button used to submit the form.
Button color style

This feature allows you to customize the color style of buttons. You have two options to choose from:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

This setting can be applied to buttons, links, and underlined links within the section.

*To choose or change the colors for these button styles, go to the “Colors” tab in the theme settings and locate the “Primary button” and “Secondary button” blocks. By changing the colors in the theme settings, the new color style will be applied throughout the entire theme.

Button style

You can choose from seven different button styles:

  • Default button: This is the standard button style with a solid background color and text.
  • Default button with icon
  • Outline button: This style features a transparent background with a colored outline and text.
  • Outline button with icon
  • Inline button: The inline button style blends seamlessly with the surrounding text, appearing as a link with the same color.
  • Inline button with underline: Similar to the inline button style, this option adds an underline to the text, making it more noticeable.
  • Inline button with underline on hover — this option adds an underline to the text on hover.
Note You can enter some extra information that will be displayed on the right side of a button.
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