Form settings (Email signup)

Setting Description
Text alignment
  • Left - Aligns text to the left of the block.
  • Center - Aligns text to the center of the block.
  • Right - Aligns text to the right of the block.
Text color

Set up the text color :

  • Light color
  • Dark color
Button color style

Set up the button color style:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

*To choose or change colors for button styles, go to the theme settings/button tab. Changing colors in theme settings affects the whole theme.

Button style

You can choose from seven different button styles:

  • Default button: This is the standard button style with a solid background color and text.
  • Default button with icon
  • Outline button: This style features a transparent background with a colored outline and text.
  • Outline button with icon
  • Inline button: The inline button style blends seamlessly with the surrounding text, appearing as a link with the same color.
  • Inline button with underline: Similar to the inline button style, this option adds an underline to the text, making it more noticeable.
  • Inline button with underline on hover — this option adds an underline to the text on hover.
Form button width
  • Content
  • Full width

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