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SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)A SKU, which stands for Stock Keeping Unit, is a unique alphanumeric code used to identify and track individual products in a store's inventory. SKUs help streamline inventory management, sales tracking, and order fulfillment by providing a distinct identifier for each product variant, making it easier to monitor and control stock levels.

After adding the SKU in the required Product Detail page, you can make it visible on the page by following these steps in the theme customizer:

  1. Locate the page where you added the SKU.
  2. In the theme customizer, navigate to the "Product Information" section.
  3. Add a "SKU" block to this section.
  4. Customize the text style of the SKU code according to your preferences.

Setting Description
Text style

You have the option to choose from three different text styles:

  • Body: This style follows the font settings for body text, with a font size of 16px.
  • Subtitle: This style follows the font settings for subtitles, with a font size of 18px and bigger letter spacing.
  • Upper Case: This style transforms all letters in the text to uppercase.
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