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"Before After" - An Innovative Showcase for Dual-Colored Products

The "Before After" feature presents a fantastic opportunity to display a featured product in two distinct colors side by side. This creative concept allows users to engage with the product by manipulating a dynamic interface. A white strip featuring a red icon can be slid to the left or right, revealing each color variant of the product in full view.

By sliding the strip to the right, the left image becomes entirely visible, showcasing one color. On the other hand, sliding it to the left reveals the right image, displaying the other color option fully. This interactive element offers customers an engaging and intuitive way to explore and compare different color choices for the product.

Furthermore, the two headings associated with each color can be hyperlinked to the respective product pages for those colors. This allows users to seamlessly transition from the interactive comparison to a detailed view and purchase of their preferred color variant.

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