Buy Buttons block

Setting Description
Show dynamic checkout buttons  Enable dynamic checkout buttons by marking the checkbox. This will display a button that allows customers to proceed directly to Shopify's checkout or a third-party accelerated checkout method, depending on your store's settings.

Using the payment methods available on your store, customers see their preferred option, like PayPal or Apple Pay. Learn more

There are two different kinds of dynamic checkout buttons:

  • Unbranded - These buttons display Buy it now text. When a customer clicks an unbranded button, they skip the cart and go to the Shopify checkout.
  • Branded - These buttons show the logo for a third-party accelerated checkout method. When a customer clicks a branded button, they complete their payment with that accelerated checkout method. The following third-party accelerated checkout methods are available:

Example of unbranded dynamic checkout button:

Recipient information form for gift card products

Setting Description
Show recipient information form for gift card products This setting enables the display of a recipient information form specifically for gift card products. Customers can choose to send the gift card directly to a recipient, along with a personalized message.

Note: This option is exclusively available for gift cards.


  1. Gift Card Denominations: Select the Gift Card Amount from the dropdown list.
  2. Checkbox Interaction: Click on the checkbox to reveal the recipient information form.
  3. Form Completion: Fill out the form with the recipient's email address, recipient's name, your personal message, and select the desired delivery date for the gift card.
  4. Add to Cart: Click the "Add to Cart" button after completing the recipient information form.
  5. Cart Drawer Navigation: Once the Cart drawer appears, you have the option to proceed directly to the checkout process.
  6. Checkout Details: Complete the necessary information during the checkout process to finalize the order.
  7. Order Confirmation: After successfully placing the order, an order confirmation will be displayed.
  8. Order Tracking: To track your order and access your order history, navigate to the login section in the header. Enter your login credentials and access your account dashboard to view your orders.

Setting Description
Block position

Select the optimal placement for the quantity field, “Add to Cart”, and “Buy It Now” buttons:

  • In Sidebar
  • Under Media
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