Inventory status block

To configure the Inventory status, follow these steps on the product detail page for each product variant:

  1. Check the 'Track quantity' checkbox.
  2. Set the product locations.
  3. Add the quantity of products in the specified location.

If 'Track quantity' is not checked, the Inventory status in the product variant will not be displayed.

The Inventory status can have different values:

  • If the quantity of products is 0, the inventory status will be "Out of stock."
  • If the quantity of products is 0, but the 'Continue selling when out of stock' checkbox is marked, the inventory status will be "In stock" without counting the quantity.

To view, control, and change inventory, click on Inventory in the 'Products' tab and set it here.

Setting Description
Text size 

The text size setting offers three options:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

With these options, you can easily customize the heading size to best match your website's style.

Inventory icon Select an icon to represent the inventory status, adding a unique touch to your design and distinguishing it from others.
Show inventory count  This setting determines whether the inventory count will be displayed. However, if you remove the checkmark (disable this setting), inventory status will be displayed instead of showing the specific inventory count. Inventory status can be: ‘In Stock’, ‘Almost gone’, or ‘Out of stock’.
Low inventory threshold  Set the threshold for what is considered "low" inventory. When the quantity falls below this threshold, the low inventory status will be triggered.
Show inventory status for low inventory threshold only  If enabled, the inventory status will only be displayed when the quantity is below the low inventory threshold. 
Show inventory progress bar 

Enabling the “Show Inventory Progress Bar” option will display a colored progress bar that indicates the quantity of products in stock. When this option is enabled, the progress bar will change color to signify whether the quantity of products is high or low.

When this option is disabled by removing the checkmark, a circle will be displayed instead of the progress bar. The color of the circle will change dynamically based on the quantity of the product in stock. The circle will be displayed with inventory status, which can be one of the following: 'In Stock,' 'Almost Gone,' or 'Out of Stock.' This provides a visual indication of the product's availability to customers.

Initial inventory quantity  Use this field to specify the starting inventory quantity, which will be 100% relative to the current inventory threshold in the progress bar.

Examples of how to show inventory status:

Show inventory count and progress bar

Hide inventory count and show progress bar

Hide progress bar and show inventory count

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