Collapsible row block

Setting Description
Heading  Enter a heading for the collapsible row. This will serve as the title for the expandable content.
Heading size

The heading size setting offers three options to control the size of the heading:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Icon Choose an icon from the provided list to accompany the collapsible row. Icons can add visual cues to the content.
Row content  Type the content directly into the 'Row Content' field. This content will be displayed beneath the heading when the row is expanded.
Row content from page  If you've created a specific page with content you want to display in the collapsible row, select this option. The content from the chosen page will appear within the collapsible row.
Row content from product If you've added content to the description field of a product in your store's admin panel, checking this box will display that content in the collapsible row beneath the heading.
Row position 

Choose the placement of the collapsible row:

  • “In Sidebar”: The collapsible row will appear in a sidebar alongside other content.
  • “Under Product”: The collapsible row will be positioned beneath the main product information.
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