Section settings

Section overlay

You can add from one to three image overlays to this section.

Setting Description
Image overlay This setting allows you to apply an overlay effect on the banner image, such as a color shape, pattern, line, or transparent image to enhance its appearance or create visual contrast with other elements on the page.

Section settings 

Setting Description
Secondary background color There are seven options: None, Background main, Background section 1,2,3,4,5. Select a color for the container with image and accordion to highlight them accordingly.
Background color There are six options: Background main, Background section 1,2,3,4,5. Colors for these backgrounds can be set in the Theme Settings/Colors block.
Background gradient You can use the gradient picker to create a custom gradient for your section background.
Top padding The 'Top padding' setting allows you to adjust the amount of space at the top of the section using a slider. 
Bottom padding The 'Bottom padding' setting functions similarly to the “Section top padding” setting, but controls the space at the bottom of the section. 
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