Variant pills

Variant pills are one way of displaying your product variants. Learn more

You can observe the impact of your changes on the 'Size' options when working with product variants, whether on the product detail page or in the featured product section. Additionally, the 'Color' options can be presented as pills if you disable the 'Enable color swatches' option in the "Color swatches" tab of the theme settings. In both cases, the 'Variant picker' block (found on the product detail page or in the featured product section) should be set to the 'Pills' type to achieve this effect.

Border settings

Setting Description
Thickness Use the slider to adjust thickness of border for variant pills. The range is from 0px to 12px.
Opacity You can increase or decrease visibility of the border color to make it more expressive or less noticeable.
Corner radius Use the slider to control the rounding of variant pills. You can adjust the radius to achieve the desired level of roundness or squareness for variant pills, aligning them with your design vision.

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