Brand information

 Add essential details about your brand. Place a brand info block in your website's footer.

To see changes here after adding text or image in the field you should add block “Brand information” in footer through 'Add block'.

Setting Description
Headline  Enter a headline. Customize a headline appearance using the rich text field. You can make it bold, italic, or add a link.
Description Enter a description. Customize a description appearance using the rich text field.
Image Choose an image related to your brand information. Click on “Select Image” to access your media library, upload a new image, or explore free images. Also, you can connect a dynamic source by clicking the source button. Once an image is chosen, you can use the “Change” button to remove, replace, or delete it.
Image width With this option, you can customize the width of the image. The maximum width for the image depends on the available space, considering other blocks like the menu.
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