Setting Description
Cart type

The “Cart type” setting allows you to choose between two styles for how the cart is displayed to users when they click on “Add to cart”. You have two options:

  1. Drawer: When a customer clicks “Add to cart”, a drawer will slide out from the side of the screen, displaying the cart contents and allowing the user to continue shopping or proceed to checkout within the same screen.
  2. Page: When a customer clicks “Add to cart”, they will be redirected to a separate page where they can review and edit their cart contents before proceeding to checkout.
Show vendor Click “Show vendor” to make visible the vendor of products above the product heading.
Enable cart note

Enabling the “Enable cart note” option allows customers to leave important notes related to their purchased products during the checkout process. These notes could include special instructions, requests, or any additional information they want to convey regarding their order.

These notes are valuable for communication between customers and the store's admin. When a customer leaves a note, the admin can view it in the customer's order history or within the order details.

Cart Drawer

Setting Description
Announcement You can add an important message for customers as an announcement of the cart drawer.

Announcement image left

Announcement image right

Customize the position of the icon relative to the text. You can choose to place the icon before text to the left, after text to the right, or in both places – before and after text.
Announcement background color Choose the appropriate background color to highlight your announcement to make it noticeable and visually appealing.
Announcement text color Choose a color for the announcement text from the color palette to make it fit the announcement background.
Image ratio

Choose image ratio of products image to meet your design expectations.

  • Adapt to image
  • Portrait
  • Tall view
  • Square
Show product options Enabling the “Show product options” option allows customers to view the product options they have chosen when making a purchase. This can include details like the selected color or size of the product they intend to buy. It provides transparency to customers by displaying their chosen product configurations before they proceed to checkout, ensuring they have selected the right options for their purchase.
Show vendor Show the vendor of the products above heading.
Promoted collection Choose the collection of products that you want to display in the “You May Also Like” sidebar in the cart drawer to promote a specific collection.
Collection title Enter a captivating title for promoted collection.
Collection position Collection products can be aligned horizontally or vertically in the cart drawer. Choose for your design preferences.
Show add to cart The “Show add to cart” option enables you to quickly add a product from the “You may also like” sidebar directly to the Cart Drawer and Cart Page. Please note that it will display only the first available variant of the product.
Empty drawer promoted collection The “Empty drawer promoted collection” setting allows you to specify which collection should be displayed in the cart drawer when it is empty, meaning there are no products in the cart. Customers can click on this collection, and it will take them to the collection page where they can browse and add products to their cart. This feature can help promote a specific collection to customers who may not have added any products to their cart yet.
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