Theme mood and theme style

Theme mood

Setting Description
Theme mood

“Theme mood” allows you to select the overall mood for your theme. You have two options of theme mood:

  1. Classic: This option provides a more traditional design. It offers a clean and professional appearance with straightforward elements and layouts.
  2. Playful: Selecting this option will infuse your theme with a more vibrant and fun style. It may include playful borders on sections, images, collections, and creative elements like border layers on buttons, giving your website a lively and engaging look.

Choosing a theme mood depends on your brand identity and the impression you want to create for your visitors. “Classic” is suitable for a more serious and formal tone, while “Playful” adds a touch of creativity and energy to your website's design.

Colors for 'Playful' mood

Setting Description
Button border layer 1 In the “Playful” theme mood, certain buttons come with border layers to enhance their appearance. For these buttons, you have the option to select a color for the first border layer.
Button border layer 2 You can choose the color for the second border layer of specific buttons.

Theme style

When you change the theme style, the color scheme of your entire website will automatically adjust to match the selected style. Additionally, it will switch to the related mood associated with that style. This ensures that your website maintains a consistent and harmonious design theme throughout, aligning the colors and aesthetics with your chosen style. Also, you can change a background color individually for each section in section settings, button color, border color, and text color for the whole theme in theme settings.

There are two theme styles:

  • Kawai
  • Toyo

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